Small Business SEO Agency, Serving NZ

We’re Auckland based, and have clients NZ-wide

SearchMagic™ is a division of leading SEO Agency. We setup SearchMagic™ to provide small businesses in New Zealand with a better choice when it came to their search engine optimisation. Before SearchMagic™ your choice as a small business was either to remortgage your home to afford a decent SEO service through a reputable SEO company, or otherwise settle for cheap, unreliable SEO services that fail to deliver tangible results.

With SearchMagic™ we set out to change this by creating New Zealand’s first and only Agency-Level SEO services without the Agency price tag. Now small businesses can get a quality SEO service, from a reputable NZ SEO company, that will deliver the results you want and help grow your business.

With SearchMagic™ you don’t get any fluff, smoke & mirrors or excuses, just spectacular SEO results.